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Configure Intel SGX on Win10

The first step we should know if the hardware support SGX.
Which include:

  • BIOS support?
  • CPU support?
  • Software packages installed?

Now let us go through the above one by one.

CPU Query

  1. Get the CPU model of your hardware. By device manager -> processors CPU
  2. Find the corresponding model on the Intel official website, which will indicate whether it supports SGX.
    CPU Oh! My laptop’s CPU supports but need install IME software.
    Ok, remember this requirement and do it later. 😎

BIOS Query

There is 3 kind of settings on the system BIOS for SGX.

  • Enable
  • Software controlled - enabled through software applications. If Intel SGX is set to software-controlled, Intel SGX is initially disabled. You need to make the following calls in the SDK through software application to set it to enabled state:

Set software control mode is helpful to reduce consumption of system resources otherwise the SGX is always on and occupies a larger amount of RAMs which affects other programs and processes.

  • Disable

Support software package

  1. Intel SGX software package list packages Download SGX software packages at here.

  2. Install IME (Intel Management Engine) Download IME package at here. Run SetupME.exe

  3. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017
    Should install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017 before install SGX SDK/PSW, it is important here for the installation sequence. The SGX SDK will install the plug-in on Visual Studio, if SGX SDK is installed firstly, Visual Studio will lose the plug-in.
    The Visual Studio install package is at here.

  4. Install SGX SDK

    packages Run Intel(R)_SGX_Windows_SDK_2.7.101.2.exe.

  5. Install PSW
    Run Intel SGX PSW for Windows v2.7.101.2.exe and unzip.
    You will get a folder psw Check the build number of operating system by winver command.

    • If the system is windows 10 fall creators update (version 1709) or later, enter PSW_INF_RS3_and_above folder, run windows PowerShell as administrator to open command line window, and then enter PSW_INF_RS3_and_above device directory, keep going down until find sgx_base.inf file, input the following command:
pnputil /add-driver sgx_base.inf  /install

Go back to PSW_INF_RS3_and_above component directory, go down until find sgx_psw.inf file, input the following command:

pnputil /add-driver sgx_psw.inf  /install
  • If it is the previous version, choose PSW_EXE_RS2_and_before folder and run
    Intel(R)_SGX_Windows_x64_PSW_2.7.101.2.exe to install.
    Open the Visual Studio 2015 and create a new VC++ project, if the Intel SGX Enclave project can be found in the template window, it means the SDK and Visual Studio plug-in has been installed successfully. psw


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