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A way to fix .gitignore doesn't work

You may have run into situations where .gitignore doesn’t work.😕
During the project development, you want to add some directors or files into the ignore rule and you specified them at the .gitignore. You committed and checked the status, unfortunately, you found they were still being tracked.

That is because the .gitignore can only ignore those files that were not originally tracked. If some files have been submitted before and have been included in version management, modifying .gitignore is invalid. The solution is to delete the local cache (change it to untrack) and resubmit .gitignore file.

The git command is like this.

git rm -r --cached .
git add .
git commit -m "refresh .gitnore"
git push -u origin master

In short, .gitignore just ignores files that are not staged (cached). For the files that have been staged, when adding .gitignore, they must be removed from the staged before they can be ignored.


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