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  • My album is online now!

    My album is online now! Welcome to visit My Album.

  • Run virtual machine automatically at windows10 startup

    I prefer working under Ubuntu because it is a programmer-friendly operating system and helps me develop more efficiently. However, there are times when I need to use Windows because it has more software options available. To address this, I used to install a virtual machine on my Windows 10 computer. But, there is a downside to this method. I had to manually start the virtual machine every time, which was a bit inconvenient. Therefore, I found a way to make the virtual machine start automatically when my Windows 10 boots up.

  • Use Travis CI to build and deploy project automatically on Github

    This article will introduce how to use Travis CI to build, test and deploy the Github project automatically. I will take my blog project on Github as an example to explain.

  • Fingerprint implementation in android 8.0 and later

    Since Android 8.0, Android has fully introduced the HIDL layer into the framework. The purpose is to separate vendor partition from system partition so that Android is capable to upgrade the framework through OTA without recompiling HAL. Correspondingly, the framework of fingerprint has also been reconstructed. This page will give an introduction about the difference in the fingerprint framework between android 7.0 (and early version) and android 8.0 (and later version).

  • Android Fingerprint Framework (3)

    Following the last two articles, this article will discuss the remaining part of the fingerprint framework on android. This article will end this topic.

  • Android Fingerprint Framework (2)

    This page will follow the last article to continue introducing the android fingerprint framework knowledge. The content is focused on android source code inspecting and analysis.

  • Android Fingerprint Framework (1)

    This page is trying to present a brief introduction on the android fingerprint framework, aimed at helping anyone who wants to learn android fingerprint-related knowledge, created by referring to some documents and android source code.

  • Fingerprint enrollment in Android

    When we do fingerprint enrollment in an android device, it will generate a fingerprint template that contains the user’s fingerprint information in a specified directory (for example, /data/vendor_de/0/fpdata/user.db), which depends on the system configuration.

  • Some tips for android development errors

    Today I met an error when I was trying to customize the android.widget.Button Class.😕
    The error information is

    "This custom view should extend android.support.v7.widget.AppCompatButton instead."
  • Python re module

    re module is a unique string matching module of Python.

  • Python struct.pack()

    Python uses struct.pack() to pack python data type into binary data (Byte Stream), which means convert a value to a string based on the format.

  • A quick way to hide app icon on andorid desktop

    Here introduces a quick way to hide the android app icon on the desktop. Although it isn’t a common case on the development or usage of android app, it deserves pay a little bit time reading for anyone who want to realize it.