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  • Getting started with Jekyll (2)

    This page will continue to give a brief introduction of the Jekyll grammar.

  • Getting started with Jekyll (1)

    Jekyll theme pic
    In my last article, I have introduced how to create a blog based on Github Pages, if you haven’t read it and you want to read it, find the article at here. Following that article, this page will give a brief introduction to Jekyll and its installation.

  • How to build your personal blog on Github Pages

    I have constructed my blog by Jekyll on Github Pages, I thought I should write an article to introduce how to make your own blog website by Jekyll on Github Pages.

  • Powershell and CMD

    Although both of them are command-line consoles of the Windows system, and they have a similar outlook and Powershell can be treated as an updated version of CMD, the intrinsic design model of them is different.

  • Android Aidl 开发


  • Use bcdedit.exe in Windows

    BCDEDIT - Boot Configuration Data Store Editor.
    Bcdedit.exe is a command-line tool for managing boot configuration data (BCD). To use this tool needs the administrator permission to start a command-line window.

  • 几种常见的排序算法


  • 聊一聊开源协议那些事


  • A way to fix .gitignore doesn't work

    You may have run into situations where .gitignore doesn’t work.😕
    During the project development, you want to add some directors or files into the ignore rule and you specified them at the .gitignore. You committed and checked the status, unfortunately, you found they were still being tracked.

  • Read/Write system property in Android APP

    Recently I need to read system property in my Android app development. I checked the Android documents and found that Android has a Systemproperties class to handle this kind of requirement. However, Systemproperties class isn’t a public class of SDK, which means it is invisible to the app developer. My understanding is that Google wants this class to be used for Android source developers rather than application developers.

  • Getevent command usage

    Android provides an ADB command getevent to obtain input events, such as obtaining key reporting events, obtaining touch screen reporting events, etc.

  • Use of .PHONY in makefile

    You may have run into a situation where the name of the makefile command conflicts with the file name under the same directory.