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  • RawPosts - A theme for Jekyll

    RawPosts is a simple, elegant, and clean Jekyll theme. It is born from the creation of my blog website. It is designed with a fully responsive feature and can be deployed on Github Pages. I open-sourced this theme on Github with an MIT license, so it is free for use.

  • Rust startup - trait

    Is Rust an object-oriented programming language? I have searched for the answer to this question on different AI assistants.

  • Rust startup - Ownership

    Ownership in Rust refers to a set of rules that govern how memory is managed. At any given time, each value in Rust has a variable that is known as its owner. There can be only one owner at a time. When the owner goes out of scope, the value is dropped and its memory is deallocated.

  • Rust startup - environment setup

    Rust is hot, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the Rust language, and it’s powered me enough to learn more about it!

  • What it's like to use ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is very hot recently, I also registered an account and experienced it myself. 😉

  • About gerrit.createChangeId

    git config --bool --get gerrit.createChangeId is a command used in the Git version control system to retrieve the value of the configuration option gerrit.createChangeId.

  • Keep old change-id when do git commit

    When I use git commit --amend command, it will generate a new change-id. But I want to use the previous change-id and don’t want to generate a new one. How should I keep the old change-id and keep only one change-id?

  • Git hook 配置与使用

    Hook 就是在执行某个事件之前或之后进行一些其他额外的操作。在 Git 中也有许多的事件(commit、push 等等),每个事件也是对应了有不同的钩子的(如 commit 前,commit 后),那么我们就可以在这些钩子这里配置一些自己需要执行的操作来实现各种各样的需求。

  • Windows 消息处理机制

    Windows32 程序是由消息事件驱动的。一个消息,是系统定义的一个 32 位的值,它唯一的定义了一个事件,向 Windows 发出一个通知,告诉应用程序某个事情发生了。

  • 浅谈 Java 线程同步技术

    Java 里实现线程间的同步有多种方法,比如使用 synchronized 关键字,waitnotifyvolatile 变量,重入锁,局部变量,阻塞队列或者原子类型变量等。

  • Git commands and usage tips


    Git is a powerful version control tool. I would even say it’s one of the best. However, being powerful sometimes means being complex in terms of functionality. Git has a lot of commands. The good thing is that you can do everything you want with them, the bad thing is that you need to remember them. Here, I’ll write down the commands that I’ll use often to keep better track of them and make them easier to search.😉

  • 生产力工具

    others-online-tools-01 “工欲善其事,必先利其器”,使用一款好的工具,能帮助我们工作中事半功倍,提升效率。这篇文章记录了我日常使用的一些我认为相当不错的工具和软件。

  • 从 MarkdownPad2 到 Typora - 使用 Typora 的直观感受


    一直以来我都是用 MarkdownPad2 撰写自己的博客文章,也没有觉得哪里不好。关注到 typora 这个软件是因为最近网上讨论的比较热烈的这个软件要收费的消息,于是上网 Google 了一下这个软件才发现很多人对这个软件的评价很高,这就引起了我的兴趣,于是我决定下载这个软件亲自试用一下。😉